September 03, 2007


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, well, been a whiled number since last post, but don't despair or disrepair, this is your one stop for weird jawn-jawn. Behold:

I've been listening to Frank Herbert's Dune on library audiobook, and the hours spent painting the bathroom today certainly weren't wasted, either. I've tipped past the halfway point (12 of 22 discs) and the experience has begun to bubble. I've particularly been enjoying the Fremen method of roughing it in a desert world. Imagine, a sealed suit that reclaims and recycles almost all of your body's water. Jared imagined it for you in the scene above, except his wants to wander off. Everyone knows that stillsuits are crucial to survival, and Jared recovered beautifully. What better temptation than a clear cup of water?

Note: the lack of images and posts belie the cumbersome clunkedness of this six-year old desktop hulk. It's claimed too much of my makings, and it's certainly not finished yet.


  1. What better temptation indeed?
    What a great book.

    Hey man, coupla things for ya:

    please please please come to the reading this Wednesday - we got a great feature coming! And bring your awesome friends, too, if you can! :-)

    Also, stop by my blog and hit me wit a comment!

    peace owt

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