September 13, 2007

Big Time Mews

Yes, I'm still alive.

Rest uneasy, though, because I'm back on photomop with a vengeance, spending all my free time dollars in the dark, skin pale, eyes bulbous and unseeing. Shriveled. Still, it's worth it. I've got a bangin' anouncement to make:

I'm leading a Teen Performance Poetry Workshop on Wednesday nights at 7pm, Sept. 25 to November 27, an ongoing group hosted by the fabulous Woodlawn Library. Just finished the pamphlet flier design and plan to print the first wave of tri-folds tonight.

The first image is the outside, the second image is the interior spread, double-sided, dig? If all goes well, I'll have the physical real deal to post this evening. Feel free to print them out and spread the word! Even you foreign country types! Can't hurt!


  1. tadd.. this looks incredible. check out - maybe you would be interested in also having music or any form of expression. and then call it share. share delaware. i had the first meeting of share edinburgh this last thursday. jazz flute. beatbox. bass. electronic sequencers. microkorg. spoken word. vocals. it was beautiful.

  2. sorry the link is (needs that extra uhmpf)