August 23, 2007

Spit fer Spat

Welcome to the Commuse, folks. It's gonna be an improvisational ride.

I'm expanding my comic world: this is a sketch deep pickin' the secluded hideout of the craziest teacher in existence, the stage set for the weirdest kid gatherings this side of highest education. Planning my first zine since my return feels so goodish.

Also, we had a mad crowd at the performance poetry open mic via the delawhere group-- kickin set-up, featuring new and old poems, the typical drunk host, and some unexpected rare appearances! I pedaled my two tinsel-fringed poems to great satisfaction (all mine, of course). Let's hear it for the library-themed eve.

1 comment:

  1. addtadd -

    it's been tremendous having you come into the scene at the Delawhere Open Mic and Slam @ The Crimson Moon - you're officially a part of the thing now and nothing can stop the future. Your work always adds so much to our mic - thank you for being a part of it!