June 10, 2012

Here In Your Fortress of Solitude

If you try to reach Supergirl through Google, the results are either completely ridiculous or, on occasion, totally brilliant.  Even the animated version keeps her midriff bare and her skirt tiny.  Believe it or not, things get more interesting after you dull down the primaries and nix the upskirt shots.  The cape always felt unnecessary to me-- what, so she's just a smaller, female version of her cousin? Pft.  Plus, she's already got two great cape-like elements in her hair and skirt-- both of which are essential to her character.

There's more to this story, and I'll certainly be adding to it.  Thanks for looking!

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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    But with all due respect, (and I believe that you will agree) Michael Turner's art is not "ridiculous."