May 06, 2012

I Didn't Have This; I Only Birthed It

I've been working on a fairly large black-and-white project for a while now, and the time's come for a hiatus.  It's mostly gonna be short comics for a while, as I've got stories leaking from my noggin nonstop and they all need jobs and homes for their leaky little families.

I've often wondered how my traditionally-penned journal comics would look in color, so I scanned in an inked comic, then manipulated it in Photoshop.  On the upswing, I love how flat color gives my spazzy, unkempt line a definite sense of shape.  Downswing?  This took WAY too long, with the majority of my time spent 'stretching' this single layer into multiple ones.  Such an approach makes rearranging layouts and manipulating color schemes extremely tedious and time-consuming-- and those are the best parts!


  1. Freaky man. Wouldn't expect any less.

    Also, all that tweaking on the color schemes was worth it. The sudden green shift at the end is great.

  2. Thanks, dude... the next one will be way easier, all digital:O