July 18, 2011

Tone It Down A Bit

The front and back covers for a client's self-published self-help book.  We both wanted it in a style similar to that music poster I did in the spring.  She requested warm, summery colors, and I think we got there, somewhere between New England afternoon and Saharan scorcher.  The back cover is, of course, way calmer than the front; I love the way certain bibliophiles use themselves as bookmarks. 

The original color comp was, for some reason, almost entirely bright orange.  Like, painful-to-the-eye road construction orange.  Never again!


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I like this...- Mingus' dad

  2. thanks, bra. give my hellos to the M man and missus.

  3. warm and cozy, makes me want to sink into a hammock, too - so inviting!