July 22, 2011

Don't Aggregate Me

Illustration for a myth concerning a pack of wolves, a boy in a dress, and the death of the world. 

Process-wise, this was done mostly with my mac and wacom; the lines and furry textures are pencil, and the snow is scanned ink, but everything's manipulated digitally.  My major inspirations at the moment are Ezra Jack Keats, and NC Wyeth, even though I haven't seen anything by either for months and months.

I would love to make picture books out of these.  Picture books for adults, do they have those? 


  1. KILLER shapes! Really diggin' the depth you're getting in the textures in what I've seen of yours lately.

  2. Thanks man, trying to do more with less, it's like a business model or something :)

  3. Todd! This is an amazing image. I totally see the inspiration and the drama, gave me chills. I would love to see more. I posted it on my FB page, hope that's ok.

  4. Hey, thanks! Thanks for the post!

  5. 'Love the wolf thing.
    I don't know about picture books for adults, but picture book artist David Small just published Stitches, his autobiography/graphic novel. Not for the faint of heart.