February 09, 2011

Give You Anything (Again)


I finished this poster right after New Year's, but the show was postponed; the Fire Marshal had deemed the original venue's sprinklers perfectly inadequate and brought his hydrant-headed gavel down hard.  The original design was all over the place, anyway, so I pretty much redrew the entire piece and separated everything properly in Photoshop and dulled down the furious lipstick red of the first piece (shudder).  I'm much happier with this recommission, and am looking forward to seeing it taped up all over this city in high gloss print.  

Oh, and the show!  Go see Party Girl already, they're the best Costello cover band out there, way better than Oliver's Army.  Honestly, if you've ever seen Andre five beers in singing Marvin Gaye, you'd be lining up outside Public House right now in your little sleeping bag and long undies. 

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