September 16, 2010

5K for Scott Pilgrim

Ramona is definitely my favorite SP character to draw; she's got that great post-hipster/punk/skater/harajuku/courier/no-nonsense-well-okay-a-little-nonsense fashion sense going on, but it's mostly her steampunk/swimming pool goggles that grab me. 

Inspired by a totally inaccurate recollection of this Nick Manno Fredda poster, a week-long head cold, and that pink shirt I gave to Salvation Army like a year ago.


  1. kikka8:29 PM

    header is looking sweet!

  2. largely thanks to the kikkacolorcrit :)

  3. I will second on the header sir - cute kid + bullfrogs + phonograph = win.

    Dig the Scott Pilgrim piece as well, dare I say it but this is REALLY clean compared to a lot of your work that I've seen lately. New trend, or just what was required here?

  4. thanks sampy :o

    yeah, i'm pushing towards flat shapes to emphasize overall design. this poster is closer to where i wanna go, but the shadowed area in my work still seems unnecessary and cumbersome, a sad little blanket that fails to cover up bad designs.

    nothing a couple months of and four or five sketchbooks won't fix ;)