October 07, 2010

Oh Yes, It Is Quite Heavy

An illustration from a story that is currently in utero.  Beginning to get a feel for this whole flat shape/texture/collage-type business and how it relates to my brush drawings.  I started with the girl (who, as it happens, is not a christmas ornament), built the landscape around her via digital cut-and-paste, then released all them spiny little doo-dads on set and sort of shooed them into proper position.  My process feels like this, but with at least two more penguins.

Actually, looking at the thumbnail, the hedgehogs resemble these weird, spiked and inedible red berries that used to grow in the yards of my childhood.  In Wilmington, in abundancia.


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Really happy with the textures. REALLY HAPPY WITH THE TEXTURES.

  2. it's like you always cut to the not-chaff-like parts, äk-äk.

  3. I think I started to post on this when I first saw it, and was suddenly delayed...

    Regardless - totally digging the new direction of your work man, just awesome stuff. The design, the collage work, the effortless feel of everything (though I'm the process is probably far from it), really great.

    Are you scanning any textures in? Or just appropriating everything from around the interwebs?

  4. thanks man, the process is totally willy-nilly. c'mon, it's me, would you expect anything less? i start with a general idea and then i just sort of let the thing spiral out of control.

    definitely scanning all of the textures in; they're mostly ink scumblings that have been cut and pasted over and over on photoshop. and over.