May 04, 2007

Fume, Fume, Run, Run from Room

Today was so rampantly insane , I 'm temporarily befuddled and have, as of this late hour, strayed completely from the daunting task of unraveling my coworkers' collective madness; an overwhelming blast from the horn of plenty, a big tip on a torpid night, a cell phone with immaculate reception. I've started drawing them. Humbly. Cautiously. Somewhat inaccurately. Immediately after the two hour 'meeting' today, I played on the playground. And then climbed a tree. And sat doodling until my bum got all bummy and I had to unclimb the thing.

Here's a very, very broad overview of our group focus:We played 'holy smoke, the building's a roiling greasy ball of torch' drill. Twice.

Also, new daily comics posted.

Link of the moment:

This almost made me late:

I ended up running on a belly full of bananas, but now I can sign that, so every step was worth it. What's your favorite sign?


  1. The way to say, "lightning" in ASL is my favorite sign.

  2. current fav is hyena