April 30, 2007

Bone Machine

Yes, that's right. I thought Homaru Cantu had maxed out the whole alternative ink jet print. Rather than creating two-dimensional taste-bud crispiness, Carnegie Mellon Scientists are printing out bones.

What about combining the two? Tasty bones. Dog treats, self-cannibalization, a good time had by all.


  1. world hunger solved by a printer? self-cannibalization? whaaaat???

  2. Tadd, dude... I've secured you a ride to the show on Saturday night if you want to attend, as long as you can meet up at Crimson Moon circa 9:15/9:30pm. Carrie is willing to drive you since she's passing through Wilmington, anyway.

    there are ways to contact us if you go to the links page on our website. please do so, and be sure to drop us your phone #-izzle.


  3. yeah, man, i'm already drivin' there, but thank carrie anyway... fanblade goodness!