May 25, 2007

Half Twain, Two-Thirds Brain Sprain

Been hookt on Parry Hotter like a young, uppity teen snotrocket solicitor. We have access to all the audiobooks (which were remarkably well done), and the movies (which I deem less than medium-rare, having digested them to the best of my capacity and believe me, I certainly didn't glean much from either; I can hardly remember remember the covers, let alone the taste of their collective insides), but I'm sticking with the hard copy version. Incidentally, I've just realized that I am, despite all my short-sighted huff-puff, once again a reader. I read.

'Nudder milestone.

Stepping stone.


Changing the subject, a Hearty Congrats to the not-so-young Bing Crosby at the UD Undergrad Exhibit, and happy farming to Margaret in her exuberant organic glory.

Oh, and I've figured out how to work the junky scanner on the junky computer! Unedited, low-quality images to come, come tomorrow!

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