May 29, 2007

Make Hats, Not Feces

Recently watched the documentary Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control, at Mäk's behest. Four eccentric gentlemen –lion tamer, robotics scientist, grounds keeper, and naked mole rat specialist– describing their passions which, given the meticulous editing mishmash of old-timey b/w adventure flicks, circus shots, and other appropriate non sequiturs, intertwine into entertaining and –dare I say– engrossing ends. I'll pass the Mäkusian recommendation for any Discovery Channel buff, Wikipedia addict, or isolated brainy type.

If you answered 'quite probable' to any of the above possibilities, please consult a reliable and certified mirror.

(I've been exploring this sort of 'loose thesis' since earlier comics from college and Toronto, based solely on random dialogue I've overheard. I'll haveta hunt those down and post some in a future blog blog.)

Also, for anyone who dug the visuals in Mirrormask, be sure to check out The Brothers Quay... I've only seen a couple films, but honestly, there's nothing comparable. Unpredictable, nonsensical, and weightless. Crappy plots bringing you down? Watch their short piece, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Everything else is derivative.

Except the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Oh, wait.

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