January 21, 2014

Campfire Crew

An ink and watercolor commission for a client's baby room.  11"x14" on Arches.  Absolutely nothing digital was used to make this baby.  Old school-!  Lots of sketching and roughs and color studies, plus a good deal of thrashing about.

Here are some sketches:

And some early watercolor studies that were maybe 30% on the right track:



Would you like an awesome, one-of-a-kind watercolor on your wall?  Yes, yes, of course-!  A magical picture plane to make enemies fester and comrades puff up with pride.  I'm actually up for a wide range of commissions (big, medium, small, pairs, triptychs, animation) and remain an outgoing delight in correspondence:)  Cost and turnaround times will vary with each project, so please contact me today at todd.miyashiro(at)gmail.com and we'll turn your watercolor-y vision into a lively centerpiece.


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