March 25, 2012

Grab Your Boots And Your Sharp, Pointed Stabby-Thing

So I've always preferred the old school, 8-bit Link from the NES and grey Gameboy days.  I distinctly remember fawning over the booklet from the original game and imagining the illustrations were stills taken from an esoteric feature film produced in secret by some mad Japanese animator and promptly hidden away in an underground cave beneath a really big rock.  

The N64 versions of Link marked the beginning of a more serious, and severely handsome-type Link whom I really never cared for.  With his ashen outfit and clanging swordwork, he's a shoo-in companion for the fellowship on their somber trudge towards Mordor.  But in my mind, Hyrule's always been a bit too zany for that heavy-hearted stuff.  

Link is a country mouse with plenty of sun on his chest and dirt on his knees.  He's a hands-on problem-solver, a grade-A fumbler.  He'll make it to the goal, but he'll take the most zigzaggy path and get there like fifteen minutes late and all sheepish and muttering about the traffic.  

And Zelda!  She's a girl and a princess and probably a tremendous headache in the end, but last time I checked, she wasn't a super-ninja-courtier-sorceress.  She likes triangles and headbands and half-leotards, and is one of the few elves out there who can actually do mauve.  

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