May 23, 2011

The Commish

These three illustrations were made for a client seeking to publish his children's story.  Peanut butter, little froggies and gigantic bears make such lovely combinations.  Those weird, watery textures were made using dura-lar, the coolest vellum-mylar hybrid out there.  The surface resists watercolor and diluted ink, so liquids just sit on top and evaporate away.  It's messy and weird and has a suprising amount of tooth for such a smooth drawing surface.  It's also way easier on the eyes than a lightbox . 

And this watercolored portrait was commissioned for a bridal shower, with the only available reference shot being a tiny little one-inch tall, head-on picture with her fiance.  On Facebook. 



  1. Hot DAMN! I love those ink pieces. What's the linework in? Grease pencil? Or just quill work that evaporated.

    So loose, so free. Gorgeous stuff man.

  2. Thanks bra, the lines are just plain 2B pencil run through some photoshop contrast. I don't the dura-lar surface would handle nibs, but I could draw on it all day and night with pencil. It's buttery yet crisp, completely awesome and close to ridiculously expensive;)