March 24, 2010

Give Him Time and Lo!

Spent the better half of a week with my bro and his wife and the little dude.  I cannot believe his progress, people!  He is making great strides and rolls and cooings and I am a damn proud uncle and brother and I will be returning whenever I can afford it. 

I left my little packet of crayons on the plane and my brother got me this huge 64 count replacement and I have yet to wrap my head around all these crazy new colors and all their ridiculous names.  I think my favorites are the blues that are pretending to be greys and the dull moldy greens. 


  1. I knew you'd eventually succumb to the luxury of the 64 pack.. As always, great fun to see your life work.

    How old is the little nephew now?

  2. well played, dude, hahaha. someday i will go for the 128 pack or whatever, but i have much to learn between now and then.

    he is a currently a crazy-headed two point two five years.

  3. Well, if there are ever too many crayons in front of you, you've now got enough that you can afford to eat a know, ta get the creative juices flowin'.

    Wow, two and a half, I can't believe our guy is already 8 months...

  4. don't forget to give back our sharpies!! Lil' dude looks like little you! So cute!

  5. actually, he looks most like his grandad. this is strange; he has only 1/4 of the asian in him, yet he looks a hunnerd par scent.

    oh genetics, you are such a crazy board game