February 23, 2010

The Fashion, with Props

I really want to be interested in fashion, but I can't.  It's too normal.   Needs more mollusks. 


  1. These sir, are hot. Very cool.

    My fave's are the blue crab girl's understated, but very stylish, greaves. Though the geoduck (unless I'm mistaken) weave runs a very close second.

    Traditional? Looks to be some fine ink and watercolor workings, or a very dubious digital illusion. Reminds me very much of Miller and Varley's work in the Dark Knight books.

    Last question, and the biggie. Were these for a job, or just for fun. They seem to be quite a diversion from everything else I've seen you do lately.

    Also, I'm wordy.

  2. The first chick's hair is actually some funky anemone with tulip-like protuberances, but this whole geoduck thing is pretty amazing.

    Yeah, it's ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. Thanks for the compliment, I have always digged Varley's colors, especially in ronin.

    These were for fun, sort of; I've been wanting to mess around with surrealist fashion for a while. I will definitely be doing more of them. A reprieve from my text-laden comic work.

  3. Looks good man. A watercolor session is in order!
    I definitely can't wait to see more.
    How about arachnid fashion?

  4. f-in psychotic...Love the tentacles best i've ever seen from you, (glad you're back) let's go.... grad school in DC.