February 01, 2010

A Swarmi of Me

It took more than a few of my sick days, but I finally scanned my daily watercolor self-portraits. I made them more than three years ago, but they continue to surprise me when I flip through them. And speaking of flip, you can do so at my Flickr site, either via slideshow or your traditional browsing.

I know, right? Eighty-seven of me.



  1. Needs more angst.

    A few process questions:

    How big, how long, what surface, and what kind of palette?

    And, I mentioned this before, but these are really great dude. Do you still get a kick out of observational stuff or does it just not do it as much for you in the art-making sense?

    Again, fantastic stuff.

  2. thanks, man. these are fairly small: 5"x5" sheets of drawing paper. I basically took high-quality rolls of drawing paper and prepped them with acrylic gesso on one side (sometimes both). I painted them using one of those small winsor & newton 10 pan portable watercolor boxes. a quick pencil sketch first, then fast watercoloring.

    i don't know why i started priming paper, but i greatly prefer it over watercolor paper. the washes simply 'sit' on the surface for at least 15 minutes and you get more accidents. traditional watercolor paper acts more like a dry sponge. very, very dry.

    i still love observational stuff because it's so different than comics work. very spur of the moment. at some point i am going to start oil painting portraits again... possibly for commish.

  3. Sterre Solanum4:36 PM

    I love them!