January 26, 2010

Her Hormones Are Straining The Oxen

That was the worst, wasn't it? Everything'd be going along fairly well, you'd get to Ash Hallow or something, then somebody'd get cholera and suddenly it's quittin' time: Nebraska never looked so good. Yes yes yes, restart game already.

Incidentally, I really enjoy the word 'cholera.' Like cholesterol, but deadlier. And sexier.

Except for the rampant diarrhea.


  1. Road beef up there at the fore.

    Last panel is pure win. Actually, the whole is most excellent, as well.

  2. Took me a while to get that childish drawing down, but her avatar's expression was worth it.

    my favorite's her brother's strangle face. just like that time i choked sara in the hall :)