June 19, 2007

Baby On Th' Moog

i've been out of artistical commision for about a week, yes, helping scrape and sand and fill and paint walls when not at work. yes, much hath been learned during the intermission between this post and last, so fear not, the blog lives on!

And speaking of new life and stuff:
Yes, the word's official, as of 9:30 today. My sister-in-law's got a melon growing in her abdomen. Everyone's simply buggy, all up and down the relations later, busy attaching generational prefixes to our name tags.

To celebrate, think I'll gorge on half a watermelon tomorrow morning, unless the cantaloupe's ripened by then.

Interesting stuff:

Synthesizer-Daddy Robert Moog.

A funny homeboy wailin on the best Moog Synthesizer Ever.

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