May 07, 2007

Owly Owly Owly

Got the go-ahead from the voices at the top. Lawny the Owl, ladies and gentlemen. Mascot and inspiration to the Woodlawn Library. Probably. Unless the staff votes him down. Which is impossible.

Some brief sketchnitude:

Lookitim, in all his various incarnations. Gimme some feedback... he could go in pretty much any direction at this point (though the jock-computer version doesn't really fly). I'll wing out some more tomorrow, when my pulse rates above corpse level. Those playground kids are crazy, crazy business, though I completed all of their challenges, excluding the backflip.

And the front flip.

And the handstand.

I left before they could dream up anything else. Incidentally, I showed a few of them my initial drawings of the Lawn Man, and I have no idear where they at. If you work with me and see a piece of paper on the playground under those rad triangular monkey bars, snatch it up and slide it through the book drop (not the audio/visual).

...and my legs have lost track of their usual springiness.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    he's a bit snooty.

  2. must be the downcast eye