April 21, 2007

oh, hi go go go

been experimenting with ambient-induced creative modes. currently listening to the freakiest lone astronaut dead floating rock inspecting mission ambient station. it's dubbed 'drone zone' from SomaFM. occasional 'voice transmissions' are received. 'groove salad' can't fully fulfill the luscious promise of its name.

truly great podcast listening over at the Long Now Foundation, especially the will wright and brian eno talk about generative art. Ah, spore.

my sis came from japan for a three days-- 12 hour flight times two to attend a wedding-- and i completely forgot. i meant to send her this drawing, but i never did... i'll whip up something new for her soon.


  1. tadd. what is your e-mail. im me it when you see this.

  2. i don't even know. this is crazy.