December 11, 2006

Maybe a Clubber But He Ain't No Cancer

It's kinda funny (explosively so, in fact) how you never know whatchu gonna do if you just 'have at' the ol' day. What kinda stuff do you like doing, Billy? Ever seen a bona fide halfbreed naked?

I like dat particle of pwose wit da funny harley innit. Actually, any part with him innit. Actually, it's all not too bad, really. Funny how I never became Bardick fluent in high school (except midsumppump and romearoundjulie), yet my brother has all the books and stuff... ...with cool notes in dem.

Brain squirt: amass all the margin notes my sib marked during his high school shaken'bake class and conjoin them into one massively precise poem and have him read it like it's just another presentation on microbio nano tech peck.

An' ah helped.

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