November 20, 2006

Big Chimpin'

This is a sketch for a children's book ah wing-dinged togethy instead of sleeping last night. Happens. Less than it used to, which could be worse or not better. I'm blatherskyzin' bout the late, late night convoluted brain force that starts drivin' that crazy horse. The madman burning the proverbial whale blubber oil, frilled silk sleeves drizzled with quill ink, and a tapioca bowl of newts.

Here's some pseudostudies of chimps. Reference for nothing, if you please:

I then proceeded to do no-drawing until much, much later (just now, before sleep). Which is fine. Honestly, the less planned, the better. Do lak th'udders, but I jus get bored. More tomorrow, I think. Never can yell.

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