October 24, 2006

Leanin onna Canteena

Turns out I DO have a table at Canzine this Sunday. Yep! At the Gladstone Hotel, October 29 from 1-7 pm. Come check it out! I'll have new zines ready to go, a whole slew of them, original art for sale, and for a small fee you can command me to draw anything you like! This list of oddities will grow as more weird inclusions hop into my noggin. Whatta deal, eh?

Events are rather blurry and muddled amid all other appropriate hazy adjectifiers: I work Thursday through Saturday, my familia parentalis are wheelin' up on Sunday, and I move to the new crib on Monday. And then life proceeds.

Head above da water, shorty! Indie, yoah haaaaht!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent news!! I wish I could be there to check it out. Have fun with it. And be sure to let us know how it goes. Your site never disappoints (and btw, I've been meaning to comment: I dig the poem!) Enjoy your eventful weekend!