June 25, 2006

Saw Spinto, Jared

A week or two ago, Spinto Band rolled through town, totally rockin' this sleepy hipsterville back on the map of respectaville. Nick ate an apple after the show.

World Cultures II: Japan, anyone?

Editor's note: I listened to 'Atari' whilst IN Japan.

And this is one of my favorite Jared stories. It's from about two years ago, back when we lived in the same building–-when he used to sleep on our floor and I was addicted to all-natural, roasted peanut butter and raw honey on whole wheat bread. I suppose there's been a few comic vignette biographies in development ever since then.

Shout out to Joe--you look good, bro. Last time we locked horns, you were limpin' like an ungreased triskelion. But you look good, bro.

Not as good as Don, but, seriously, he's a tier above us all.

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