June 11, 2006

In Fashion

Chi-ca-go. and illinoise on our way there.

and the only Sufjan album we had was 'seven swans.'

an excellent adventure was had by all, despite all odds and forecasts of doom. only ten hours or so to get there, nine back. quite a skyline, really fab. the el train, lincoln park and wicker hipsters to boot.

visited the art institute of chicago and the center for book and paper arts, while beigh, miriam (mirium, meriem) & martine got their urban planning on. breakdancers, sprouts, gigantic faces, blues festival, jared at sixty, snore machines, zebras, and the ultimate security guard. and i can't keep my eyes peeled.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    you've really got my back-hump-cuve down. perfect.