May 24, 2006

Like Skip James

Volunteered to take minutes today, though Syrus took over when I sidestepped into hatching mode. Really, it all made sense during the meeting.

It's time we left for a while. We'll see what happens, we'll see. Don't hold your breath, though. T'ain't natral.

'll be back onlan in bout one week. Plenty of stuff to post by then. Hoedown and all.

unfortunately, we'll miss the dining hall. i suppose a bbq is worth it, right?

don't answer that one, mäkel, just don't answer.

editor's note: these are the shortest and most coherent statements ever written on this blog.
Time for a break, indeed.


  1. hello dude! your comics are great I like them very much :D

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    A Thing I Forgot To Write In Your Sketchbook Which Is Less (or more) Stupid Than The Other Things I Wrote In It:

    (an actual question to be considered if one has the time/inclination):

    When was the last time you saw a fire hydrant that looked useful and logically placed?

  3. do we actually have(italicized) fire hydrants in this hamlet?

    i guess the only fire hydrant i've seen like that was on my parent's block. it was yellow, and then it changed color right under our butts. it was yellow, once.

    it was a useful stepping and sitting thing, but it really had no reason for being there.

    okay, i guess i've never seen one.

    i'm really, really sorry, emma.