April 15, 2006

An Unplanned Memory Generator Floor Piece

These are the front and back of a lost page from my chickenscratched pseudo-journal during our farming odyssey last summer. I had other journals, but they were all handmade with watercolor paper pages, and, quite frankly, I was scared to think of them, let alone scrawl them up. I really just wanted a worthless lined pad. Something expendable, a tool without fear. I don't even know where it is anymore, but it was quite a useful piece.

Most likely, the little pages have all left the spiralbound nest, moved away, and grown into pieces of their own right, just like this fine fellow.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Didn't LIKE Matthew Richie's Show?!?!

  2. well, it was a tad monotonous, a bit mechanical, eh?

  3. bing bing8:57 AM

    bing bing also recommends the PBS Art21 season 3 special with Matthew Ritchie. very interesting person to listen to, no matter how you feel about his work.