January 02, 2012

Merry Belated and So On

Any excuse to draw my family, really.  And lookit that super-stained drawing table!  Inky scars of the veteran, poor thing.

Best to all in the New One!


  1. Happy New Years buddy! "Tags" look great...did you make the paper too?

    And there's nothing like the war wounds of good studio equipment, kind of like doctors in the 1800's - the more blood on the apron, the better.

  2. Haha thanks, man, right backachu8)

    Nah, it's all just straight-up speedball ink on everyday copy paper... I was making a lot of patterns at one point, so I've got a folder-full for wrapping needs.

    And oh man, you should see the floor, it's a new brand of ghastly.