January 26, 2011

Invitations to the Nerd-a-Thon

Let me level with you right now: Library Clubs are the bee's knees.  Moreover, having posted these alongside one another, I can't help but visualize a crossover flier with a scarf wrapped around the Wii and little mismatched booties on the controllers.  Or with little old ladies with mittens accidentally throwing Wii handhelds through a CRT tv.  Knitt Days?  Days of Knitts. 

And yes, these are somewhat half-dated.  I have not posted for a while because mostly I've been busy with many swell projects and side-things and dead ends that don't make any kind of sense together, so I will have to be patient and post them separately lest anyone's retinas should wither in outrage. 


  1. I think I've always been envious of your handwriting - LOTS of character.

    And the expressions on the wiimotes are priceless.

  2. dude, those little remotes really do have faces! with triggers on their backsides!

    my handwriting appreciates it, dude, but honestly, whenever you see it on a poster or flier? slacking ;)

  3. Well, you know, I didn't want to call you out... but here's the question...

    Would Ray eat this during a critique?

  4. nice, definitely laughing over here.