March 07, 2010

It Is All Very Symbolic

No Ryan Lee, the boas are not octopus tentacles.  I have already done the tentacles, they are old and soiled and done for and these are all new, new new things. 

Two of these were fairly fast but the third one took forever because she was wearing patterns from like three different continents and six different time periods and I really wanted to combine them into a rad devo devastator; they clashed hard and burned six pieces of watercolor paper before I threw in the paper towel.

Oh the fritters of detail.


  1. the bear went over the mountain, to see what it could see.. it was not expecting a giant butterfly lady eating green jellie

    dig the asian hat faun legs thing you got goin on.

  2. thanks man, i was quite happy with the bone sickle and the butterfly chick's kicks.

  3. Freakin' awesome we need more of this in more places

  4. I can't get the butterflylady out of my head. Or my hair.

    Elegant use of greenlife! Love love love