February 15, 2010

Shut Up! Shut Up!: A Retrospective

Yesterday I went with Bing Bing and So Jenn to the art museum in Philly. It hurt an awful lot, mostly in the soft tissue that pads my cerebral cortex. Brain hemorrages from laughter, this is unexplored territory. My favorite bits were the suits of armor and that statue of the baby squeezing a chicken.


  1. you didn't add the fat lady on here...and you forgot to mention that adorable waitress from last night and how you guys exchanged web addresses...tee hee! she's a keeper!

    I hate you too

  2. you can rot :o

    that is what bloggers do; you too, are guilty, tuffluff. more pics are coming, i needa color dem in foist. my head hurts a lot.