January 12, 2010

Sculptresses Unite!

Eva Hesse has a place in my brain if she ever needs to crash. She'd probably get fidgety and start shaping bits of my brain matter into some sweet post minimalist protuberance. She made the craziest things out of 'rubbish,' then named said creations with the panache of a picaresque thesaurus. I dig her enough that she could return to this blogosmear in the near future. With a resin tiara, perhaps.

I have no idea what Eva'd think of hand-held gaming consoles, but I've always been drawn to the Game Boy Advance. Forget everything before and after, nothing beats it for aesthetic simplicity. Up, up, down, down, etc.

Learn more of Eva? Yes? The lady herself and her airy voice.


  1. good use of Legend of Zelda saying

  2. he really does say it at least twice an ep, once per commercial break :O