December 29, 2009

Drumroll Please...

You just gotta love the Creeper. I mean, even the Joker thinks he's nuts.

'Jilted madman stalks crazy clown girl: film at eleven!'


  1. Been diggin' a lot of the stuff on here since you started this a few years back man. Sorry I didn't complement way back when when I should've.

    Are the color pieces ink scans or are you doing everything on the computron? Regardless, I'm diggin' them.

    Also curious if you still draw as fast as you write, maybe faster now...since every now and again I tell my students myths about your superhuman abilities...

  2. oh jeez, sweatin' in the spotlight. almost all of these drawings and comics are scanned b/w images from bristol, watercolor, or sketchbook. i tend to draw pretty quickly, and am loathe to tweak or redraw a drawing. dullsville.

    incidentally, preliminary and finished drawings are the fastest parts of the process. the research, writing, and coloring are the longest. coloring is the easiest of the three, equivalent to a four hour road trip with a funkadellic soundtrack.