February 18, 2008

Another Somewhat Close Mate Call With a Black Swan

Dedicated to Mak, who, despite possessing full sobriety and maximum wakefulness, had a brief run-in with a stray:No, no, I wasn't there, but he drove out of my driveway approximately ten minutes prior. The details were related considerably later, when I felt like turning my cell phone on after a week or so. Luckily, he didn't disturb my easy going evening. Or my following day. And so on.

Highly recommend the latest Long Now Seminar on Long-term Thinking. The speaker is the highly controversial Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Give it a go. It's academia except you can turn it off.

And one more plug for the comic workshop:


  1. You totally NAILED the tree, not in the sense of reality but it looks awesome at different levels of zoom and really gets at the idea of what a tree is, without going right for the tree.

  2. no, no, no, YOU totally nailed it. I only rendered it.

  3. (coughs up blood)