November 01, 2007

Our One Year Scanniversary

Today's the one-year anniversary of my exit from Canada and return to United Soils. Nothing like an extremely jarring moment to wake the slumbering lumberman. Penniless, screwed up, and completely unemployable, save for your average, less than preferable local grocery store meat department's demand for unskilled lackeyism.

Now I've at least a penny or two, seem screwed down, and am not entirely beyond hire: why, in fact, just this past Tuesday, I embarked on a lifelong pursuit by substituting for my high school art teacher. More on that to come, I bet.

Odds are ten to one, if not more or less.

Probably slightly less, as I've a demanding marriage to all things library.


  1. We're all saying hello, good luck, we're glad, up here.

  2. exactly.

    i remember!