November 07, 2007

Fast of the Dough Deacons

Mäk and I headed south this summer, deep into the uncharted forest of confederacy known as Linville falls, North Carolina. A particularly memorable trail blazed was Chimney Rock, home to relatively summit-level vistas, innumerable rickety stairways, energetic packs of sandal-slippered tweens, and former shooting locations for the '92 version of Last of the Mohicans. A set up to stop all pacemakers.

This week, on our newly ongoing column 'Mäk Writes':

I immediately remembered a sketchbook page from earlier this year, scrawled briefly after our retrun from the smokies and slightly past my late night library rental of the same film. Nothing like previously unreleased road trip pics:

Can't you just hear the soundtrack fiddle pumping? Doesn't it make you wanna turn insomniac?

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