September 30, 2007

On the Blob Braining Session

WUP WUP WUP! We's back, homesies! Finally obtained the crucial software to make images pretty and color pulled sweet. Same programs, different laptop. Very different laptop. Zoom-in smooth grooving action on this intel-packed puppy. Oh, tis beautiful, this born again wrist train, smite the keys into unexplored oblviousness--but do it softly.

Spaking thus of new combos, check out my collaboration with manga-crazed youth Kiami:

She's a rather extraordinary twelve-year old hip enough for a sue doe nimm, but too young to officially volunteer. Still, she could guess all of our ages within a year, excluding Kathy, who, I'm sure, got tagged with an additional ten years.

Still, stay tuned for more collaborations and sketchy g├╝dness from this new wireless metallic apple avatar.