August 08, 2007

That Bursitis Growing On Whatsisface

I've been listening to an electronic re-interpretation of the (apparently) legendary Goldberg Variaions 1955 performance by pianist Glenn Gould in which those mono blessed Bach bits are thrust into stereo using some crazy German Synthasizing Behemoth (a GSB, for abbreviation's sake) called the Zenph.

It sucks.

Ends up sounding like a junk keyboard demo cascading into any given (Concord) shopping mall, the type of infectious tone that repels potential junk keyboard purchasers behind plastic palm trees and pretzel vendors, and generally turns their need for junk elsewheres, other muzakal meccas, there are other shopping malls after all, yes, other, finer facilities overflowing with slightly less ghastly keyboard demos rippling about, indeed, why, they may even feature a junk organ or two.

To honor such strange, hybrid-minded endeavors as these, I have procured the following specimen for public arousal:

Behold, yet another post-postmodern chimera instilling wonder and delight. I suppose the correct pronunciation of his name, if there was one, would sound [row-baw-gat]. But there isn't a correct pronunciation, so forget it.

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