July 13, 2007

Confedera, See?

Back from North Carolina--a destination that proved too south for my testes. In our one week together, Mak and I camped three nights, hiked three days, jaywalked two days, traveled two days, and didn't kill each other. Glad to be balk, folks. Next up: fruit-pickin' in Jersey.

Shout out to a bangin' open mic and slam session at the crimson moon last wednesday. sweet weirdness spreading across the floor, ah swear! Read two new poems and I shalt write more.

And a monster kudos shoutout to my sole brother Tim, as he presented his phd physics thesis to a 40-person capacity upenn room filled with 60-persons. I followed everything, pretty much. E Coli. Gene switchery. Glowing colonies that grow in the dark. And he said 'micromolar.' That means little teeth.

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  1. Ooooh. Micromolar! And things that glow/grow in the dark that I can have. It is always fantastic to have you read at the Moon.