July 30, 2007

Booger of the Dark Knight

When Captain Blue Hen boy Joe arrived at the library doors, he brought David Michelinie
and one of those guys who draw syndicated comic and cartoon characters like Spongebob, Scooby, and Batman (sort of like a living formulaic 'how to draw' books). Luckily, I already knew how to draw Batman.


Murder never seemed so quizzically hilarious.

I also Nancy Drewed Doc Doom and Spiderham.


  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    so... when are you going to library school?

  2. keep putting it off... there's always an internet course.

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I hear Drexel has a good one. and Illinois, but I got rejected by them...

    I go to the University of MI School of Info, which isn't the greatest if you are library focused -- it's more archives and human-computer interaction people.

    If you want to go, check out the Delaware department of higher ed website, they have a librarian incentive program and will pay for it if you work in a public liberry.


  4. Keep up the good work ! :)