April 30, 2007

Collabora Bora More

I 'cleaned' for a few seconds today (ie., shifted through the stacks of printer paper, drawings, junk mail, and odd bits, shifting piles around, more of a visual refreshment, I suppose, a horizontal blip flowing down the screen of a Zenith Z-171 PC) and behold, I discovered two more collaborative comics I made with my cousin, Darcy-- considered lost long ago:

Oh man, I had mad fun with that Doggy Peep. Lookit his 'bark bark' face. So furrowed. I'm always looking for un-normal minds with which to temporarily meld, so if you've got a scanner and a dream (or a mailing address, I suppose), let me know.


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  2. Wow....just...wow.

    I love the part where falcon decides, that, well, fuck it, if I can't get off the earth, I'll go *into the earth*.