December 08, 2006

It Be Inda Air

Change, that is. Snow. Last night, I ran outside and sang a holiday song, walked a Bagua circle, and jumped back to the little dry tropic pocket called 2106. The home. The holiday. The weirdness. Yes, it's been a few weird moments, from previous post to this here one. I was surfin' other bloggies, saw some photoshop-colorings, thought I could do it, and messed with the little doodie above. Psh. Nuffin' to it.

Cocky meter off the charts. I feel some bursts of creative verticality with some horizontal booster rockets thrown in for free.


  1. the lighting is really cracking

  2. Hi There
    Met you at the Gladstone Hotel 'zine fair. Saw some small (4x6?) paintings on flat white backgrounds - kind of portraits - really liked them - asked if you would do a couple for me, of Linda and I. Please let me know if I'm actually in contact with the right guy. (We met in Toronto, not Delaware)