December 03, 2006

Extrafolate My Bauhaus Rubber Nyucky


I hereby admit from loincenter that addtadd do be little more than a veritable turncoat in this age of browser bowser brand battles. From Explorer to Safari to Camino-beano to Foxtrot.

Yet, the images do load speedily! A good power, as the images accumulate with similar alacrity from tam to tam.

These are Narn Narn peoples onna left here. I did no research whatsoever on typical Brit time clothing or whatever--these youngins just popped out, free of scheduled mechanoid mindsetting mordon.

Ye olde free newark librariaron was chock smote of booky bewilderness. Nuts and april. Full, full full! How did I not quite get the full picture? Half was unexplored! Magazines! Seats for sitting! Merely a few hours of my return to the college crunching grounds. Before a series of unbored meetings with verminicus laboraris and offspring, offshoots, etc. More drawings popped forth, and more shalt be posted, eh?

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