November 06, 2006

A Small Explanation for the Slight Blogging Statis

It finally happened: I leff.

I'm no longer a butcher, and I'm no longer in Canada. The prodigal pedigree hath returned. Much love to all those up north; apologies for a hasty shave via escape hatch. A year of night shifts has left me hungry for daylight and fairly jetlagged.

Delaware never looked so not Toronto, and that's peachy pee to me.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Remember when Phish went on hiatus?

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    holy hellaware! i'm just all caddywompus...
    best you go right away to meet your retodd stand in - elkton road acme. you'll know when you see him ...tommy or retommy.

    p.s. fridays 1-4 are very fun indeed.. cawl us.

  3. like those slides that come out of the sides of airplanes.

  4. We reeeeally miss you!


    Cheers from the T-Dot.

  6. Terran.SSsss!2:00 PM

    Alas, poor Yeorick, I hardly knew thee. When I made my move to know you better, you had already fled.

    Cheers, and may our paths cross again.

  7. holy smokes, chris chris! That pic is better than the one at my thesis show (debateable, as I am currently crowned in fewer curls)... you might as well shoot the rest of the lovely ago in their wonderfully distorted faces. A rogue's gallery superb!

    Tare Anise, took me a while to figure you out. DigerMuhDoo any dee, my friend.