October 19, 2006

Busy Tizzy On the Frizz, Eh?

I can't get enough of 'eh?' It's one of my favorites. We shot our movie for most of the (overly beautiful, gorgeously sunny) day yesterday, so I ultimately decided to not go anywhere today. I ended up leaving the apartment twice, but for good reasons, and I didn't stray far. It feels dang good, though the pigsty is still rather piggish. Right to work on that tomorrow, right to it!

Another one of my favorites showed up tonight and saved me commencing the arduous exodus to the Bagualands of the north. Brian! Where does the time run to, with such alarming haste? I'm too faint of mind to do much more than sleep now, but already, I can sense little post-talk buds nudging free of the unconscious, out into the open ceilings of the ol' steam-powered cerebellum. Just a smatter of time.

P.S.- Canzine is going down at the gladstoney hotel next sunday the 29, and I'll be there, possibly at a booth!

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