September 14, 2006

You're HUGE, like the Stay-Puft, or King Kong

The closet door has expanded past its designed size, beyond the parameters of its closet socket and thus, it is getting colder. Officially. No snot about this. Colder...although I only needed 43 layers to avoid expiration while slumbering last night. A nice break, a warm sneeze of a birthright left somewhere closer to the equator. Rightly birthed. See, we carry our favored environment with us, little pinhole pocket ambient mellow wobble turtles, open box, two for dollar.

Last year I had a few weeks of nosebleeds at the onset of wintar, then, during the sub-artic (or at least typically mild East Coast) onslaught, I plugged right up like a satiated couch tater. Go figure. Man, people really freaked out at work. I mean, I might've bled on the blood. Cross-species contamination at its finest dinest.

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    i know this feeling all too well. hope this winter is better!